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These are answers to some frequently asked questions

1. Does Where I'm At use the iPhone GPS?

    Yes, Where I'm At uses the internal GPS of the iPhone to
    determine your current location.

2. How does Where I'm At determine the street address?

    Where I'm At uses a process called Reverse Geocoding to
    locate your street address. The data available is generally
    very accurate but your results may vary in some locations.

3. Does your company record my location?

    No. Where I'm At does not send any data to us. Emails sent
    via Where I'm At are generated and sent directly from your
    iPhone to maintain your privacy.

4. My address does not appear in my SMS message.

    Where I'm At puts the address or map link into the paste
    buffer of your iPhone. You need to touch the message area
    for a moment to bring up the Paste option. Simply
    touch Paste and your address data will appear in
    your message.

5. My location is not accurate.

    Where I'm At uses the internal GPS built in to your iPhone.
    It does take some time to determine your location, particularly
    if you have travelled a distance since your last use of the GPS.
    You can see the coordinates and the confidence range in the
    small box at the top of the map. Once the confidence value is
    small you should have a good location. Just be patient, updates
    to the map are automatic.

6. What version of iPhone OS is required?

    Where I'm At requires iPhone OS v3.0 or greater. The app
    relies on several features of iPhone OS 3.0 that are not
    available on prior versions.

Please contact us if you need answers that are not covered here.